What Are Dumpster Direct Services?

If you are considering taking advantage of dumpster direct services – dumpster rental in your next renovation project then you should know that there are several advantages to doing so. In addition to the convenience and speed that this method of trash removal provides, there is also the ability to save money on construction and demolition fees. As with any new project, getting started with a dumpster and having it delivered to your location can be a little overwhelming. This article is meant to give you a brief overview of dumpster rental services and how they work for construction projects.

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First of all, let me explain what a dumpster is and why I’m explaining this here. A dumpster is simply a large, oversized trash container that is made specifically for use as a temporary disposal facility for construction debris. Having one of these is ideal for any type of construction project or cleanup job since you can rent one and be out of the mess immediately. Here is a simple breakdown of the process of dumpster rental and why it is such an efficient method for eliminating tons of trash from your project:

Renting a dumpster is very easy. All that you have to do in order to get started with dumpster rentals is make a few initial phone calls in order to learn more about the dumpster rental services that we have available. The number of trash cans that can be placed on one dumpster depends on the size of the construction project that needs to be handled. Dumpsters are available in sizes ranging from two cubic yards up to fifteen cubic yards.

Once you have determined the size of the dumpster that is needed for your project then it’s time to place an order. The easiest way to place an order is to go online and fill out a simple form. After you have filled out the form then click on the button that will take you to a quote page. You will be able to see a virtual scale drawing of the dumpster in question as well as the total amount of space that it will need.

At this point, if you would like to upgrade the number of trash cans or the size of the dumpster that you will need in order to accommodate your project, then you will be able to do so online. Any additional questions that you may have can be easily answered by simply clicking on the “contact us” link that is displayed on the rental web page. This will allow you to contact the company by phone or by e-mail in the case that you have questions regarding the order and/or delivery process. You can also inquire about dumpster rental prices when you have decided on a specific dumpster that you want to purchase.

An important thing to note about dumpsters is that they come in different sizes. Before placing an order it is recommended that you first determine the number of trash cans that you are going to be able to fit into the dumpster in order to ensure that the order will not be canceled because of a lack of supplies. Keep in mind that companies charge according to weight. So if you are placing an order for eight pound dumpsters, then you should expect that you will be charged $8. If you are placing an order for sixteen pound dumpsters, then the fee that you will be expected to pay will be much lower.