Leather Belts for men with Automatic Buckle Ratchet Slide Holeless Black Long 52 .Belts in an Gift Box


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Genuine cowhide leather strap with stainless steel buckle for durability and strength.Its easy to put on and easy to fasten too. and extremely comfortable to wear!
Belts measures 52 x 1.4 .fits perfectly no matter what size you are as it is automatic.If needed. simply remove buckle and trim leather to size.
cowhide leather.stainless steel buckle
Leder Gürtel
Good quality leather belt that can be adjusted to fit using the ratchet style buckle. No holes to worry about the holes diminishing the quality of the belt or damaging the leather in the future.
Best gifts box for your as the Birthday Howlleen Christmas party surprise!
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A simple belt. all your elegant pieces of matter. You didn't find a belt with a little extra points Men's Luxury Series Genuine Cowhide Leather Ratchet Belt with Removable Buckle. ★MONRAY Belt Features 1.Fashionable leather belt provides 30 unique adjustments for an extremely comfortable fit. 2.Easy to remove buckle allows you to cut the belt to your ideal size. Effortlessly achieve a custom-tailored appearance in minutes! 3.Ease of use - just slide the belt into the buckle and pull the belt through. The buckle automatically locks the belt into place. To remove. gently push the lever on the side of the buckle and the lock will release the belt. Simple. smooth. and sleek! 4.Genuine leather quality belt with gorgeous imprinted leather. 5.Complemented with a stylish. stainless steel buckle - Elegant design that is scratch resistant and made to last. ★Our Belt Package Included Mens Leather Belt*1 Non-woven Bags*1 Service Card*1 Product Description*1 Gift Bags*1 Belts Packing Box*1 ★How to shorten a MONRAY buckled belt A:Take the belt and place it on a hard surface. pull very firmly on the short tab part of the belt that is snapped in beyond the belt buckle. You might have to pull very hard in order to unsnap the snaps. but do not worry about breaking them. They are made to come apart so that the buckle can be easily replaced. B:Cut off beyond ones by comparing your own waist girth. C:Snap the belt with buckle firmly ★How to maintenance MONRAY belt A:Put it in a dry. ventilative place. clean the belt with soft fabric B:Don't exposure to strong sunlight. flame. cold or using hair dryer. to avoid expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold. C:Don't roll or tuck up the belt. to avoid wrinkling. D:Maintenance the belt correctly will make te belt improve with age.